Structural Fiberglass Banner Frames
Industrial Quality - Made in America

Designed by a product development engineer in the billboard industry, the innovative Fiber-Frame product line is built to satisfy uncompromising standards of strength, longevity and value. It’s elegant yet rugged design makes it more economical and more effective than any alternative.

Quite simply, the Fiber-Frame is the ultimate value added banner accessory.

Ask about our new wall mount, 90-degree Vee and sidewalk/parking lot frames.


• Eliminates sagging banners.
• Completely free standing.
• No bungee cords, ropes or cables.
• Fast, easy ad changes.
• Independent display of (2) banners.

Patent pending design is clean, aesthetic, and doesn’t compete with advertising. With Fiber-Frame, your advertising is effectively displayed, rain or shine.


• Industrial grade materials throughout.
• Pultruded structural fiberglass.
• All-riveted construction.
• Impervious to weather.
• Color will not crack, chip or peel.

Engineered to last for years, the strength of the Fiber-Frame is hidden inside the beauty of its clean design. Buy the best, and buy it once.


• Quick, easy installation.
• Time and labor efficient.
• Everything is included in the kit.
• Quick assembly with 4 bolts.
• Virtually maintenance-free.

Banners are presented crisply and professionally. The Fiber-Frame makes effective advertising simple.


General Install Instructions
• 3′ x 5′ Specs | Template
• 3′ x 6′ Specs | Template
• 3′ x 8′ Specs | Template
• 3′ x 10′ Specs | Template
• 4′ x 4′ Specs | Template
• 4′ x 6′ Specs | Template
• 4′ x 8′ Specs | Template
• 4′ x 10′ Specs | Template